Vitamin Infusion Therapy in Bella Villa, MO

The trend of receiving vitamins intravenously has increasingly become popular especially amongst individuals

who wish to improve their lifestyle, live healthy vibrant & energized life, remain healthy or address a particular health concern. Using intravenous vitamin infusion was pioneered by specialists such as Dr. John Mayer and Linus Pauling who achieved giant strides during the 1930s developing vitamin infusion therapy as an effective and reliable avenue to improve an individual's overall health state or nutritional status. Early application of intravenous IV therapy was mostly for medical conditions such as; inflammation, chronic pain, tuberculosis, asthma, cancer, and immune suppressed individuals.

The use and coverage of intravenous vitamin therapy has since expanded its reach as an alternative therapy recommended by many licensed clinics and institutions to address and cure a wide range of conditions including cancer, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), asthma, fibromyalgia (widespread pain), chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, hepatitis, depression, Parkinson's disease and macular degeneration.

With advances achieved in vitamin infusion, our intravenous vitamin therapy boosts energy levels, stimulate the immune system and help with stress, jetlag and sleep problems through the use of enhanced formulas specifically customized depending on the individual needs of our patients.

Vitamin Infusion Therapy in Bella Villa, MO

What Is Vitamin Infusion or IV Therapy?

Vitamin Infusion Therapy also known as intravenous vitamin therapy is a procedure whereby specific blend of vitamins and minerals are directly administered into the bloodstream intravenously. Individuals experiencing failing health, chronic fatigue, weakened immunity and other health issues require intravenous vitamin therapy to correct and address certain nutrient deficiencies they may be facing.

How Vitamin Infusion Therapy works

As an individual's health decreases, so does its ability to transport and absorb the right amount of nutrients required for its proper function and performance. This decreased ability is further hindered and worsened under periods of increased stress, aging, high toxic loads and cases of decreased gastrointestinal absorption leading to secondary and eventually tertiary infections. This is because, the body is not receiving the nutrients and vitamins it needs in sufficient amounts to support its activities. Intravenous Vitamin Therapy helps to correct this as it allows digestion to be bypassed altogether to allow for nutrient delivery in its appropriate therapeutic dose directly into the bloodstream. The high intravenous load creates a concentration gradient that can support the body's cells, tissues and organs directly, allowing the entire system to kick-start its own innate healing mechanisms.

Why you need Vitamin Infusion Therapy

The highest amount of nutrients absorbed when over the counter oral supplements and vitamins are taken is about 9.3mg per deciliter, representing a minute portion of about 14 to 15% nutrient intake and absorption an average human needs, contrary to the amount of nutrients and minerals absorbed by the body when directly administered into the bloodstream intravenously, which results in an increased elevation of 80mg per deciliter, representing 80% - 90% nutrient absorption and utilization. Therefore, intravenous vitamin therapy plays a vital role in the treatment of viral infections, certain bacterial infections, and why it is an effective adjunct in cancer care.

Our Process

The nutritional status of every individual is a vital and central point of how they feel daily. We are very careful of which vitamins to select and ensure we only receive them from reputable sources afterwards; we regulate each vitamin and pass them through a stringent number of test's ensuring they contain all the essential elements. Once this is done, we proceed to customize these vitamins to determine which is appropriate and most needed by specific individuals.

At Napute Wellness Center, each patient's IV bags are prepared and compounded under a laminar flow to ensure the highest level of safety and sterility. Our state-of-the-art intravenous facility is designed to maximize patient's comfort, improve energy metabolism, address chronic conditions and improve their general state of health & wellness after every therapeutic session.